Wednesday 5 February 2014


It's Late..  I'm Late 
for a 
very important date
however we have had a makeover 
which took a bit of extra time
what do you think???? 
do you like ???
without further ado here it is

and the TWIST is use 
 the team have created some amazing LOs for your inspiration

 and  introducing our
Guest Designer for February

Hello there 
my name is Kylie & I was delighted to be invited by Kim to be the 
GDT for February
I live in a small country town in Australia called Tumut. 
I have lived here basically all my life, I love the peace and
serenity which surrounds us. 
I am married to my school friend & sweetheart Andrew 
and we share three beautiful daughters- 
Kayley, Emma and Bridget. 
I have been scrapping since 2007 and I love a great
challenge and enjoy trying different techniques .
I love to cut up pp and use a lot of chipboard and embellishments on my layouts.

the team hope they have inspired you to play
share your creations with us
by midnight 28th February
via the linky 
we look forward to seeing what you come up with !!! 


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